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【Event】Class 111 Graduation Dynamic Show was a complete success

Written by: Instructor Ding Xianhong

This evening (April 16, 2011), the Costume Design Museum was full of people. When I got closer, it turned out to be the annual dynamic achievement exhibition of the Department of Fashion Design Management. With the theme of LIMITLESS self-definition, through self-inner dialogue, we can break through the existing framework of reality, break through limitations, free ourselves from shackles, regain physical and mental freedom, and achieve the perfect state of "trends are created by us and beauty is defined by ourselves". With their unique and keen talents, the designers sway their creativity and capture the fleeting flash of inspiration. All the designed series of clothing works make people feel like entering a good time.

Due to the impact of the domestic COVID-19 epidemic, this year's graduation show is not open to the public in line with the government's relevant epidemic prevention measures. Therefore, although no foreign guests were invited for the opening of the campus, the chairman, the principal and the library director They all came to the exhibition site to cheer for all the teachers and students; at the beginning of the performance, the representative of the principal said that this exhibition is not only for the students to leave good memories in their youthful years of study, but also to participate in the whole event. Continue to grow in the middle, and accumulate the strength to adapt to the future workplace.

Immediately after the main event, the students themselves acted as models to display their rich, bold and innovative works, and all the students also showed a steady side of the style, plus the effect of the combination of clothing design and technological ability and theory All the works participating in the exhibition are original designs, and all the works are made by the student designers. Their professional strength is more than enough to meet the high-tech era and the clothing environment of diversified needs, and they have become the top performers in the job market.

Finally, after the principal, the dean of the clothing design department and the general teacher presented the awards and trophies to the outstanding students and teams who have been judged by well-known professional designers in the domestic industry, the outstanding students and teams of the "Costume Competition Award" ended such a beautiful event tonight. .

This graduation exhibition is not only on campus, but also on the first floor of Hall 2, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. I hope more people can appreciate the hard work of the graduates of the Department of Clothing Design. We welcome the old rain and the new to come. advise.

The relevant exhibition schedules are as follows:
Date: 2022/4/16 (Sat)
Venue: Tainan University of Applied Sciences (On-campus Exhibition)
Address: No. 529, Zhongzheng Road, Yongkang District, Tainan City - 1st Floor, Clothing Building
Date: 2022/05/31(Tuesday)—06/04(Saturday)
Event Name: Taipei New Generation Design Exhibition
Venue: 1st Floor, Hall 2, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center


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